Shop Vernacular

Order spec form

A customer's order spec form is an online feature where all the necessary details about the custom fight shorts or rashguards are written. The opportunity to write specs will show up after you select your delivery and size options.

Shop spec sheet

A printed version of the custom order details. This useful print out is how pre-production communicates with print/press and sew room production. The customer rarely sees the shop spec sheet since it is for internal use only.

Inspection book

All shop spec sheets with orders currently in sew-room are kept here. Useful information such as target inspection dates can be found here too.


Fabric pattern pieces that come from the cutter in the shapes we need for dye sub printing.  Most wholesale jobs have pre-cut fabric to save on fabric usage.


Fabric pieces that need be be cut straight off the roll to complete the dye sub process of production. One-off orders almost always require un-cut fabric.


Pattern pieces with the graphics are printed using our large format plotter. Dye sublimation ink and special tacky paper are required for this process. Just about every custom pair of fight shorts, rashguard, gi patch and grappling tights (spats) end up requiring the use of this machine. We have a few unsavory names for our plotter that originated when it was being disobliging.  It's mostly cool now.


Process of production where we take the prints and dye sublimate onto either pre-cut or un-cut fabric. We currently use a George Knight large format press we named Thomas Jefferson.

Sew room

The sew room is the factory where the sewing machines are held an operated. We have various kinds of sewing machines, and good people that know how to use them.

Magic hour

The rare occurrence when we can print while taking uncut fabric off the roll, then press without any mistakes. This is a huge time saver but  our production hardly ever works out this way.