Secret Menu: Our custom one-off's have many ways they may be altered and further modified

Our custom performance items are all cut and sew garments. This means you have a great amount of flexibility when you order a custom one-off from us. This secret menu is a list of not-so-common alterations or mods that can be made to your custom item. If you have a mod you think we should add to this list please let us know.

Fight short alterations

Extra split:  If more than the typical 2.5" split is needed on the mesh sides, write-in the needed measurement in the appropriate "additional information" box when filling out the order spec form.
Thai style: If you are a fan of Muay Thai shorts, when ordering the cropped custom fightshorts write "Thai style" somewhere in your order spec form. We'll take an additional 2" from the out-seam while maintaining the integrity the inseam.

Rashguard alterations

For sleeves: make longer or shorter (Example: "add 2" in sleeve length")
Base: make longer or shorter (Example: "shorten by 4" in length")

Vale tudo alterations

Classic: Write "zero cuff" and we will eliminate the leg cuff, making the classic vale tudo shorts even shorter. This is the way to go if you want really short classic style vale tudo's.

Grapping tight (spats) alterations

Extra dye: Worried that your design may be somewhat see-through? Write "dye inside" to reduce the occurrence of what fabric industry experts call "grin-through".

Flatlock stitching

This one is so secret and bad ass that you won't be able to enter it in the flatlock section of your order specs. You'll have to find another spot to write "combo stitch" somewhere in your specs. (Example: "red/white combo stitch")