Death by Wristlock tee, black on white

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tee_death by wristlock_black on white.png

Death by Wristlock tee, black on white


What is the worst way to die?  Exposure? Bear attack? Fire? Double Sankyo from Steven Seagal? Not sure about you, but I don’t want the last thing I see while giving-up-the-ghost to be an obese, Ali-G lookalike in a Kung-fu muumuu, wrist locking me until I'm half passed dead.

I mean, what could be bleaker than that? Siberian winter?  eHarmony? Using scratchers as a retirement plan?  Norweigen Black Metal? Well, if the latter, it's time to break out the corpse paint and get marked for death.  We've turned two negatives into a positive with the Death by Wristlock Rashguard, Hoodie and T-shirt. 

What better way to announce that you're a dangerous man who's out for a kill with the perfect weapon? The blackened metal stylings of our design show that you live in the belly of the beast and awaken each day against the dark, black dawn. Maybe you are born to raise hell and mayhem, on deadly ground (like the Carpathian forest.) Or maybe you're an emperor in Hades almighty and lead the enslaved down a carpal tunnel trail of tears.   Either way, the Death by Wristlock design says that, on the mat, thou shalt suffer. And to an opponent in an urban justice situation…today you die.

Custom type by California's Arturo Jimenez.

Athletic fit

Made in the U.S.A. 

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