CRUZ CMBT x Tanka Warrior OWO rashguard unisex

rashguard_Tanka OWO_FRONT.png
rashguard_Tanka OWO_FRONT.png

CRUZ CMBT x Tanka Warrior OWO rashguard unisex


A rashguard collab with Onnit and Tanka Warrior Bar with proceeds going to the Tanka Fund. $20 from each rashguard goes back to the Tanka Fund.

Before buffalo were nearly driven from the Great Plains forever, the Lakota people relied on this sacred animal -- Tatanka -- to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and ceremony. In this way, the buffalo sustained American Indian people for thousands of years.

Now there's a way for you to help ensure that the buffalo returns to its rightful place in the diets, cultures and economies of American Indian people.
The Tanka Fund, sponsored by Native American Natural Foods, creator of the Tanka brand of healthy buffalo products, is a charitable fund which allows you to directly support programs and activities that will help return buffalo to the Great Plains and bring renewed health and opportunity to Indian communities.

The Tanka Fund was founded by Native American Natural Foods as a donor advised fund of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation in 2011. Native American Natural Foods, serving as donor advisor to the Fund, determines the Fund's program priorities and helps to select grant recipients. For more information, go to

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•Dye sublimation graphics never crack, fade, or peel

•Side mesh inserts for added breathability

•Flatlock stitching

•92% poly 8% spandex

Ready to ship in 10 days.

Made in the U.S.A.